What is SpectraView®

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When Colour is Critical…

Designed for professionals with colour critical applications, SpectraView II combines the award winning NEC display monitor technology with sophisticated software. The result is highly accurate, reliable, repeatable, and feature rich display calibration and profiling solution.

NEC sets new standards in all fields of colour editing and visualisation. NEC LCD display solutions deliver uncompromising contour sharpness, colour reproduction and luminance, as well as featuring unparalleled coverage of the Adobe® RGB colour space.  We have analysed the exacting requirements prevailing in the colour management sector and developed our innovative LCD display technology in close cooperation with leading colour editing industry professionals.

The SpectraView system uses a colour sensor to take colour measurements of the display screen during calibration. The software analyses these measurements and sends colour adjustment commands directly to the display monitor. This means that colour adjustments are made in the monitor rather than in the video graphics adapter, resulting in full use of the number of colours available on the graphics adapter and a much brighter image with the maximum possible colour gamut. With SpectraView, the video graphics adapter is not used at all to make any gamma or Tone Response Curve corrections to the display, so the full colour resolution and fidelity of the system is maintained.

So, what is the difference between SpectraView II & SpectraView Reference?

SpectraView II vs SpectraView Reference

The SpectraView II calibration software can be used with any supported display model and is sold both as a complete kit bundled with a display and light shielding hood, and also as an add-on product.  No certification is required from the performance of the monitor.

SpectraView II can be used for any application or industry requiring colour management and accuracy.  Our recommendation is for amateur photography, professional photography, image editing, graphic design, animation, CAD/CAM etc. 

SpectraView Reference, or what has commonly been known (up until now) in Australia as SpectraView, includes a display monitor with hood, custom calibration software (SpectraView Profiler 4.1) and each display has passed rigorous tests and is individually certified*.  It is not possible to purchase and use the SpectraView Profiler software, separately or with a non-SpectraView Reference display.

SpectraView Reference can also be used across all colour critical industries, but is ideally suited to the professional print industry, where precise detail and accuracy is paramount.

*SpectraView Profiler certification is based on "fogra  Pre-Certified" compliance for the industry standard for softproofing - ISO 12646.  The certification involves testing all uniformity levels to find the best possible level of the panel with the lowest measurement values to pass well under the SpectraView Profiler tolerances. A visual check of the uniformity of the panel is also checked with various grey levels for the panel to pass certification.

Hardware calibration of the panel is tested with various "fogra Pre-Certified" settings and must meet specified values to pass the SpectraView certification.  Softproofing the panel with digital files and printed test files is checked under a softproofing lighting booth that meets the ISO 3664:2000 standards.

Please note that ALL NEC relevant professional series LCD models, whether SpectraView Reference or SpectraView II, for use within the colour critical channel, have zero dead/active pixels.

Both SpectraView II & SpectraView Reference can be purchased through an authorised SpectraView Channel Partner (colour critical specialist).  See Where to Buy for contact details.